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The Traders Studio

Combines conversational talks, in-depth technical education & real time practical exercises at a singular instrument level.
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Not Just Another Trading Course

This is The Trading Studio. Built to not only teach but to stimulate growth. Lifting you up from beginner to master over time.

Trading Bites

An introduction to trading video series filmed in a simple setting like we are having a conversation over coffee on a variety of topics.

Trading School

An indepth video educational series with screen sharing of charts and slides describing the principle trading topics.

Master Trading

A video series combining trading bites and the trading school but focusing on how to trade one instrument only.

Live Trading

Live trading in real time on a regular basis as well as live trading during major financial news events and announcements.

Who Am I and What Do I Do?

  • James Trescothick
  • Professional Trader and Educator
  • 20+ Years of Experience
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My Story
From a gold trader in Dubai trading on the DGCX to running a floor in the Philippines on the PSE. Over the last decade I have been invited as an educator or speaker at an international level to help people trade better.

My belief... if you can't explain simply, then you don’t understand it yourself. And I promise to keep it simple, easy, fun and a value for your money.

  • Video time: +5 hours

Course reviews

Scott Weaver

Not just another trading course indeed. WOW!!!